SEND - Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Welcome to the SEND department page.


This department is led by Miss L Burley (SENDCo) and Mr S Viney (Deputy SENDCo) and it comprises of a team of specialist staff who support students across the two Academies. We are located in the Brundle building and our facilities include an Inclusion office, teaching room and a sensory room.



We provide support for students who have additional learning needs relating to categories of SEND, defined in the DfE SEN Code of Practice document as:

  • Cognition and learning difficulties
  • 沟通 and Interaction difficulties
  • Sensory and physical difficulties
  • Social, emotional and mental health difficulties


学生 requiring additional support have access to a range of interventions and provisions provided between 8am through to 4pm. Learning Coaches support students throughout the day through small group interventions and 1:1 mentoring. 合乐888登录注册的师资, pastoral team and ACC staff are also a part of the offer and support with provide SEND students.  




  • 阅读理解
  • 计算能力的支持
  • 拼写和语法研讨会
  • 埃尔莎(情感素养)
  • SALT (speech and language therapy)
  • 记忆的发展
  • 手的健身房
  • EAL (English as an Additional Language) classes
  • SULP (social use of language) support at break and lunch times
  • 家庭作业俱乐部(课外的)


We work closely with a range of external agencies who provide specialist support and advice for individual students depending on their needs. 这些机构包括:

  • SALT (Speech and Language Therapy)
  • 教育心理学家
  • 儿科医生
  • 职业治疗师
  • CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service)
  • 理疗师
  • Auditory and visual support services
  • Local Authority SEN/ Inclusion Team




All students who enter the Academies are assessed for baseline reading, spelling and complete MiDYAS  testing. This information is used alongside other data to identify students who may require additional support. Intervention sessions are provided to target specific development needs and the progress of each student is monitored closely. 学生 who do not make progress in light of interventions are placed on the SEN register and further interventions may be offered. The SEN register is reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that students are moved through the SEN stages of the Code of Practice in an accurate and timely manner.




Classroom teachers and Learning Coaches communicate and work closely together to ensure that support is effective and builds upon learning they carry out in lessons. Learning Coaches often work with small groups of students to develop particular skills and regularly make use of multi-sensory teaching to pre and post teach basic skills and concepts, that will lead the student to make progress in the lessons.



We pride ourselves on being fully inclusive and all students attend mainstream lessons with their peers, to ensure they gain the highest specialist subject knowledge from their teachers. Staff at the Academy are continually receiving CPD on how to support a variety of additional needs, therefore in line with the DfE Code of practice, First Quality Teaching is at the heart of support for SEND students.

For further support on BCP’s services and provision to supporting parents and young people click here see the local offer.




通行安排政策(002).pdf 294KB 访问安排策略
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